Daytime image of Washington, D.C. skyline.
Wilder School students Hannah Cameron (right), president of the Urban and Regional Planning Student Association, and Gwendolyn Griffin, president of the Urban Studies Student Association, actively promote planning.
Pam Spratley is a a travel coordinator and office services specialist at the VCU Wilder School,
October 4, 2017

Meet Pam Spratley

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The VCU Silent Witness Exhibit, open October 6-12, is designed to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence and encourage action to create change.
2017 International Young Scholars Workshop participants: Sombo Chunda, Brittany Keegan and Suparna Dutta.
Free Egunfemi, director of Untold RVA, leads Wilder School students in a candle lighting ceremony to honor the lives of the enslaved at Richmond's African Ancestral Burial Grounds on Sept. 7. The students are members of HSEP: 391: Human Trafficking, a course led by assistant professor Maureen Moslow-Benway.
Greg Wingfield
Photo credit: Noah Kalina
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