Doctoral students

Andrew Duggan

Andrew Duggan

B.S., Biology; Hampden-Sydney College M.S., Environmental Science; Virginia Commonwealth University


-MPO roles in regional transportation planning

-Predictive forecasting associated with continental U.S. DoD policy (e.g., BRAC)


Andrew Duggan is a senior environmental scientist with AECOM, a multinational engineering firm that provides design, consulting, construction and management services to a wide range of clients. Duggan holds an M.S. in environmental science from Virginia Commonwealth University, where his thesis involved fluorescence spectroscopy multi-media pathogenic rapid assay techniques among various land-use types. As a doctoral candidate, Duggan hopes to expand his research to include MPO roles in regional transportation planning; predictive forecasting associated with continental U.S. DoD policy (e.g., BRAC); integration of risk assessment in environmental policy formulation, implementation and evaluation of compliance outcomes; and public sector planning in the context of evolving science, regulations and public perceptions related to the impacts of global climate change. In his spare time, Duggan enjoys traveling with his spouse, Sayward, and his two sons, Jack and Charlie, as well as cooking, running, fly fishing and playing the piano.