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L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs



Amanda Goodson

Assistant Professor

Raleigh Building, Room 2009A Phone: (804) 828-0995 Email: goodsona@vcu.edu


  • Sexual and domestic violence
  • Criminal justice responses to crime victims
  • Gender and crime


B.S., Criminal Justice, Boise State University
M.A., Criminal Justice, Boise State University
Graduate Certificate, Victim Studies, Boise State University
Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University


Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminological Theory 

Research interests

Victimology, gender and crime, violence against women, criminal justice responses to crime victims, intersectionality and victimization


Goodson’s research emphasizes best practices for social justice actors by identifying and addressing limitations to system responses to crime victims. This broad area of research has resulted in two distinct, yet interrelated foci, which include 1) disentangling police responses to sexual and domestic violence, and 2) addressing violence against women more broadly. Taken together, her research aims to understand, inform, and enhance social and institutional policies and responses to crime victims within the context of gendered violence with special attention to understanding the effects of intersectionality and structural inequalities. More recently, Goodson was awarded a Wilder School small grant to assess practitioners’ perceptions of the Lethality Assessment Program. Goodson has taught introduction to criminal justice, criminological theory, and she has guest lectured on police response to intimate partner violence victims. Goodson is a member of the American Society of Criminology and Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

Selected Publications

Goodson, A., Garza, A. D., & Franklin, C. A. (2021). Providing support to victims: Predicting officers’ service referral provision and advocate involvement in domestic violence incidents. Crime & Delinquency, Accepted and Forthcoming. 

Franklin, C. A., Bouffard, L. A., Garza, A. D., & Goodson, A. (2021). Focal concerns and intimate partner violence: Predicting arrest using a stratified random sample of police case file data. Crime & Delinquency, Accepted and Forthcoming. 

Goodson, A., Garza, A. D., Franklin, C. A., Updegrove, A. H., & Bouffard, L. A. (2020). Perceptions of victim advocates and predictors of service referral among law enforcement personnel. Feminist Criminology, 15(5), 611-633. 

Garza, A. D., Franklin, C. A., & Goodson, A. (2020). The nexus between intimate partner violence and stalking: Examining the decision to arrest using case file data. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 47(8), 1014-1031. 

Goodson, A., Franklin, C. A., & Bouffard, L. A. (2020). Male peer support and sexual assault: The relation between high-profile, high school sports participation and sexually predatory behavior. Journal of Sexual Aggression, 27(1), 64-80. 

Franklin, C. A., Garza, A. D., Goodson, A., & Bouffard, L. A. (2019). Police perceptions of crime victim behaviors: A trend analysis exploring mandatory training and knowledge of sexual and domestic violence survivors’ trauma responses. Crime & Delinquency, 66(8), 1055-1086.

Franklin, C. A., Goodson, A., & Garza, A. D. (2019). Intimate partner violence among sexual minorities: Predicting police officer arrest decisions. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 46(8), 1181-1199. 

Gillespie, L.K., King, L.L., Bostaph, L.G., & Goodson, A. (2019). Crime victim service providers’ needs and barriers: Rurality and ‘high need’. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 1-24, DOI: 10.1177/0886260519834100.