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Ashlee Barnes, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of criminal justice at the VCU Wilder School.

Ashlee Barnes

Assistant professor

Raleigh Building, Room 2009D Phone: (804) 828-0538 Email: arbarnes@vcu.edu


  • Juvenile justice reform
  • Risk assessment
  • Racial and ethnic disparities


B.A., Criminal Justice, Michigan State University

B.A., Psychology, Michigan State University

M.A., Ecological-Community Psychology, Michigan State University

Ph.D., Ecological-Community Psychology, Michigan State University

Teaching Interests

Juvenile justice, community psychology, corrections, special topics in race and justice, practicum in juvenile justice

Research Interests

Dr. Barnes areas of research include developing strengths-based approaches to offender rehabilitation, identifying strategies and designing interventions that mitigate racial and ethnic disparities within the juvenile justice system, and violence prevention. She contextualizes her research within an ecological framework, recognizing that violent behavior is often connected to social structures that disparately exacerbate negative outcomes associated with justice system involvement. In her recent work, Dr. Barnes is using juvenile risk assessment as a tool to evaluate juvenile court policies, practices, and judicial programming. Moreover, she recently developed a measure comprised exclusively of protective factors in order to facilitate a strengths-based approach to assessing young offenders’ risk of recidivism.

Selected Publications

Campbell, N. Barnes, A.R., Mandalari, A. Onifade, E., Campbell, C., Anderson, V., Kashy, D. & Davidson, W. (2017) Disproportionate minority contact in the juvenile justice system: An investigation of racial disparities at program referral. Journal of Ethnicity & Criminal Justice.

Barnes, A. R., Campbell, N., Anderson, V., Campbell, C., Onifade, E., & Davidson, W. (2016). Validity of initial, exit, and dynamic juvenile risk assessment: An examination across race and gender. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 55(1), 21-38.

Anderson, V., Davidson, W., Barnes, A. R., Campbell, C., Peterson, J. & Onifade, E. (2016). The differential predictive validity of the Youth Level of Service/Case Management In-ventory: The role of gender. Psychology, Crime and Law, 22(7), 666-677.

Lee, J., & Barnes, A. R. (2015). Predominantly white institutions: Transition programs to ad-dress academic underpreparedness and experiences of discrimination. Translational Issues in Psychological Sciences, 1(4), 401-410.

Onifade, E., Barnes, A. R., Campbell, C., Anderson, V., Peterson, J., & Davidson, W. (2014). Juvenile offenders and experiences of neglect: The validity of the YLS/CMI with dual-status youth. Children and Youth Services Review, 46, 112-119.