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Meghan Gough

Meghan Gough

Associate professor

Raleigh Building Rm. 3015-D Phone: (804) 827-0869 Email: mzgough@vcu.edu


-Civic engagement
-Sustainable community development
-Equitable planning processes


B.S., Biology, James Madison University
M.U.R.P, Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia Tech
Ph.D., City and Regional Planning, Ohio State University


Community involvement, planning processes, sustainable development

Research interests

Meghan Gough is an Associate Professor of urban and regional studies and planning. Her community-engaged scholarship emphasizes civic capacity building and planning for more sustainable and equitable communities. Meghan’s contributions to research help to elevate the importance of community-based decision-making and partnerships in the development of plans and policies to support sustainable community development.

Selected publications

Gough, M.Z., Howell, K. and Cameron, H., 2022. The Structural Challenge of Power and Whiteness in Planning: Evidence From Historic Black Cemetery Restoration. Planning Theory & Practice, pp.1-20.

Wilson, B. B., & Gough, M. Z. 2020. The university as anchor institution in community wealth building: snapshots from two Virginia universities. In Community Wealth Building and the Reconstruction of American Democracy. Edward Elgar Publishing.

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Holton, V, Early, J., Gough, M.Z., Gendron, T. 2018. Building a ​university ​climate to ​​support ​​community-​​engaged ​​research. In J. Allen & R. Reiter-Palmon (Eds.), The ​Cambridge ​Handbook of ​Organizational ​Community ​Engagement and ​Outreach​. ​ New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. 

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