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Saltanat Liebert

Saltanat Liebert

Associate professor

Scherer Hall, Room 313 Phone: (804) 828-1874 Email: sliebert@vcu.edu


  • Immigration policy
  • Civil service reform
  • Comparative public administration

Areas of Interest:

  • Immigration policy
  • Civil Service Reform
  • Comparative Public Administration


B.A., English Language and Literature, Kyrgyz State National University, 1998 
M.P.A., Public Administration, Indiana State University, 2000 
Ph.D., Public Administration, American University, 2007


Principles of public administration, public human resource management, immigration and public policy, comparative public administration.


Prior to joining the Wilder School, Dr. Liebert taught at American University in Washington, D.C., and worked for the World Bank, United Nations and the International Organization for Migration in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Austria and the U.S. She has also served as a consultant on governance, migration and human trafficking issues, working with such institutions as the Protection Project of Johns Hopkins University and the International Research and Exchanges Board. Liebert has been interviewed by media outlets such as Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and BBC World Service.

Selected publications


Liebert, Saltanat. 2009. Irregular Migration from the Former Soviet Union to the United States, New York: Routledge.

Liebert, Saltanat, Stephen Condrey and Dmitry Goncharov, Editors. 2013. Public Administration in Post-Communist Countries: Former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, and Mongolia. ASPA Public Administration and Public Policy Book Series, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Liebert, Saltanat. 2014. “Challenges of Reforming the Civil Service in the Post-Soviet Era: The Case of Kyrgyzstan.” Review of Public Personnel Administration, 34(4), pp. 403-420.

Liebert, Saltanat and Carl Ameringer. 2013. “ The Healthcare Safety Net and the Affordable Care Act: Implications for Hispanic Immigrants.” Public Administration Review, Vol. 73, No. 6 (November/December), pp. 810-820.

Liebert, Saltanat. 2010. “The role of Informal Institutions in U.S. Immigration Policy Implementation: the Case of Illegal Labor Migration from Kyrgyzstan.” Public Administration Review, Vol. 70, No. 3 (May/June), pp. 390-400.

Sulaimanova*, Saltanat. 2002. "Unintended Consequences of Globalization: The Case of Trafficking of Women from Central Asia," The Journal of Central Asian Studies6, No. 2, pp. 46-67.

Contributions to edited volumes

Liebert, Saltanat and Stephen E. Condrey. 2014. “Public Administration and the Former Soviet Union.” Chapter in Governance for Development: Toward Excellence in Global Public Service, Nexus Strategic Partnerships.

Sulaimanova, Saltanat. “Incentives for Criminality in Migration.” In Mansoor, Ali M., and Bryce Quillin, Eds. 2007. Migration and Remittances: Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Sulaimanova, Saltanat. “Trafficking in Women from the Former Soviet Union for the Purposes of Sexual Exploitation.” In Trafficking & the Global Sex Industry, Karen D. Beeks and Delila Amir, Eds. (Lexington Books), February 2006, pp. 61-75.

Sulaimanova, Saltanat. "Migration Trends in Central Asia: The Case of Trafficking of Women." In In the Tracks of Tamerlane: Central Asia's Path to the 21st Century(National Defense University Press), 2004, pp. 377-400.

*Note: publications prior to 2008 appear under maiden name, Saltanat Sulaimanova.