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L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs




Offering awards to full-time students

We offer Wilder School scholarships annually to undergraduate and graduate students.

‌‌The Wilder School offers multiple scholarships each year to enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Each application requires the following to be submitted online:

A complete list of scholarship guidelines and submission instructions are included on the applications. All applicants must have at least one semester completed of coursework as a VCU Wilder School student.

Please note: Scholarship recipients are awarded funds in the fall semester following the application and selection process.  Funds are deposited to the recipient's VCU Student Accounting account.
All application materials are to be completed and uploaded online.  If a scholarship indicates merit-based this requires a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative and within degree program GPA; if financial need-based, this requires a FASFA on file.

Wilder School Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships

Additional VCU and third-party scholarships
  • VCU Business Services Scholarship: Business Ser vices will award 54 scholarships ranging from $5,000-$7,500 recognizing achievement in community
    service, leadership, academic excellence and more. For details visit the following site: https://bsv.vcu.edu/scholarships/.

          The application deadline is February 15, 2020



Undergraduate Student Application 

Graduate Student Application 


VCU National Scholarship Office

The National Scholarship Office (NSO) assists students with applying to national and international fellowship/scholarship opportunities related to their academic and professional goals. They research and offer suggestions on scholarships/fellowships that best suit students' aspirations, provide advice on how students can produce competitive applications, and connect students with vital resources to improve their materials.

Please note that they only support services for students seeking external funding outside of VCU, thus excluding scholarships awarded by VCU colleges and departments.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with either NSO Director, Jeff Wing, or NSO Graduate Assistant, Haley Clouser, by following this link or emailing natlscholar@vcu.edu.

Scholarship database

List of Scholarships for International student