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Virginia Capitol Semester

Virginia Capital Semester
Virginia Capital Semester

Open to qualified students nationwide

Get behind-the-scenes legislative experience. Add a state government internship to your resume.

2019 Application Deadline Extended - October 4, 2018

Virginia Capitol Semester is your chance to gain firsthand experience in the legislative arena while taking classes as a full-time student at VCU. The program is open to qualified undergraduate students from accredited public and private institutions across the country.

No matter what your major, this internship experience is for you!
It's an opportunity to better understand how policy is developed and the legislative process. If you are interested in bridging community issues with current research to impact the future – then participate in this program! 

How does it work?


The Virginia Capitol Semester program is a spring semester internship program that allows you to work directly in the office of a Virginia Delegate or Senator during the General Assembly!  We work to fit your passion and discipline focus to that of the Delegate/Senator.  Don't miss the chance to participate in an internship that can serve as a jumping point towards your future career goals! 


What classes will I take?

The internship course and weekly seminar are required. Additional related VCU classes are recommended in areas such as public administration, history of Virginia and public policy.

Students are encouraged to cap the semester at 15 credits, including:

  • Three credits for the required internship course (online)
  • Three credits for the required weekly policy-making seminar
  • Six to nine credits from other VCU courses

Interns work for a minimum of 20 hours per week during the General Assembly session. Taking classes that cluster together can free up longer blocks for the internship.

You’ll receive individual advising throughout the semester. We work with other institutions to accept the transfer credits from VCU.

How much does it cost?

Students pay the VCU semester tuition and fees and receive all services available to VCU students.  Students are encouraged to discuss options with their home institution. 

Selection process

Participants are selected by the Office of Student Success, with preference given to students who will have junior or senior standing at the start of the program.