L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs



Wilder School Spring 2019 Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to all of our Spring 2019 graduates! We are very excited to celebrate all of your hard work and accomplishments this Saturday, May 11. To help plan for this very important occasion, VCU has posted comprehensive information regarding graduation ceremonies for the entire university at www.commencement.vcu.edu. Here you will find information on invitations, cap and gown, class rings, schedules, etc. Please share this information with your guests who will be attending the ceremony.


The information below pertains ONLY to the Wilder School Diploma Ceremony

L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs Graduation Ceremony

Saturday, May 11, 2019

6:00 PM

Greater Richmond Convention Center (Exhibit Hall A)

403 North 3rd Street

Richmond, VA 23219

(Tickets are not required)


For information about directions & parking for the Convention Center, visit: www.richmondcenter.com/attending/parking-directions/



We request that all graduates arrive at the Convention Center no later than 4:45p.m. to be lined up by degree program (undergraduate or graduate). Graduates should report to Room E-11abc to check in.

Doors to Exhibit Hall C will open at 5:00 p.m. for your guests attending the ceremony.

Your name will be called as you walk across the stage to receive a scroll symbolizing a diploma. Actual diplomas will be mailed to the address specified on your graduation application, or they will be held at the University Graduation Office for pick up. No tickets are required for commencement attendees or graduates.



Am I required to attend both the university-wide graduation ceremony at the Greater Richmond Convention Center AND the Wilder School ceremony?

Students may choose to attend both ceremonies, or they may choose to attend either the university wide ceremony OR the Wilder School ceremony only. This is entirely up to the student.


Will I need tickets to the university-wide ceremony if I choose to attend?

No. Students are not required to provide tickets for their guests to attend the university-wide ceremony.


Will I need tickets for the Wilder School ceremony?

No. For this semester students will not be required to provide tickets for their guests to attend the Wilder School ceremony.


Will I receive my diploma or certificate on graduation day?

No. Students will not receive diplomas or certificates on graduation day at either the university ceremony or the Wilder School ceremony. Diplomas and certificates will be mailed to students after all final grades have been submitted and degrees have been conferred.


If I am graduating as a double major in two Wilder School programs, with which program will my name be called at the Wilder School ceremony?

Students with a double major will only be called from the stage once (both programs will be announced at this time). The student should specify with which program they wish to be announced in their RSVP. Students who do not specify will automatically be grouped with the first program they list in their RSVP.


Will student names be called at the university-wide ceremony?

No. Student names will only be called at the departmental (Wilder School) ceremony.


Will there be special seating or accommodations for invited guests with disabilities?

There is space in the hall to accommodate guests in wheelchairs. Additionally, there are ramps and elevators that can assist guests coming into the hall from the parking deck. If additional accommodations are required, please contact Shirley McDaniel at 804-827-0867 or srmcdani@vcu.edu.


How long will the Wilder School ceremony last?

Generally, the Spring ceremony lasts approximately one hour and 30 minutes.


How do I find out about caps and gowns, invitations, and other graduation day needs?

Students participating in the Commencement ceremony must wear academic regalia (caps, gowns and hoods). Regalia will be available for purchase during the Grad Fair. Graduation regalia will not be available on graduation day.

Graduates can contact the VCU Barnes & Noble Bookstore at 804.828.1678. Wilder School Graduates will wear a peacock blue hood which signifies "government." When you pick up your hoods and robes from the book store, be sure that you get the appropriate color.